Powerful Vecloader

Georgian Industrial Vacuum Service.

Our powerful Hepa Filtered, Vecloader can be utilized to remove any "flowable" bulk material, from difficult to access locations, such as pits, tanks, rail cars, crawl spaces, silos, tunnels and rooftops. We can remove most materials from distances up to 1200 feet. Most process materials removed, can be captured for re-use if required.

We service the following industries




Food processing

Transportation, Rail, Road and Ship.

Abrasive and water blasting

Bulk material handling,


Power plants,

Lumber mills,

Steel and paper mills

Glass plants

Concrete, cement, ashphalt


Asbestos and more.

Vecloader Capabilities.

The vecloader has been successfully used to remove asbestos contaminated insulation from walls and attics. It is also capable of removing roof rock or ballast used in the flat roofing industry. The powerful machine allows materials to be vacuumed  through a six inch hose over great distances. This allows us to clean areas that are not accessible to larger machines such as front end loaders. We can clean up spills and recover materials, from areas that may not be accessible by other means.

High level cleaning projects,

Asbestos Removal,

Insulation removal




Powders, Pellets, plastics



Sand, gravel, cement, rock dust, fly ash, coal

Grain, flour, seeds

Food products

Wood chips, Sawdust


slag and scale,

Carbon Black and more.

Our team of industrial technicians can help you solve your difficult bulk material handling and collection problems. Please call, to discuss your unique requirements.