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Get Your Home Ready For the Holidays

Around this time of year people get down to serious preparation for holiday parties and events at their home. Entertaining is one of the joys of the season! It's fun to get out the decorations and transform your living room into a sparkling place for a party. Chrystal needs to be cleaned, silver polished and you may even be getting your carpets cleaned.

It's all about making your home inviting and comfortable for guests, and you want to make sure your rooms are dust free and smell clean.

Have you thought about your air ducts? If you have pets or had any renovations done this year, you could have lingering dust and odours circulating around your house through the ventilation ducts.

Scented air fresheners don't address the problem and just introduce more chemicals into the air. We can clean and sanitize your air ducts using a herbal, all natural treatment.

Duct cleaning doesn't take long and the results are immediate. Georgian Duct Cleaning has decades of experience cleaning both residential and even large commercial air ducts. We are your local professionals! Our technicians are well trained, friendly and knowledgeable.

So if you're making a list for your holiday preparations - think about your home's air quality and freshness and give us a call for a free estimate.

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