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Moving into a new House in 2018? Here are some tips.

get your air ducts and furnace filter cleaned before moving into a new house

Moving is always exciting ---- you dream about buying a house, and picture your family growing inside your dream home. When this finally happens, it is time to think about all the details that need to be taken care of before you actually move your family in.

It is important to remember that work can be done easier, faster and much safer while the house is empty, so it is always good to save some extra days before your move to get the new house in perfect conditions before the big day. It is important to check if the windows need to be cleaned, the carpet needs to be washed, and most important of all clean your air ducts and replace your furnace filter.

Replacing your furnace filter is one of the best and easiest things you can do to save money and keep your indoor air clean. Furnace filters are your home’s first line of defence against allergens, dust and other airborne particles. It is important to always have your furnace filter replaced to make sure your furnace’s fans and heating coil are in good working order. A good general guideline is to replace your filters every 3 months but it is always important to check if your furnace requires a specific replacement schedule.

Another important part of moving into a new house, is to check the air ducts in your house. They have a very important function in your home. They are responsible for the indoor air quality for your home, they circulate the air from your heating and cooling system in and out of each room, which allows us to feel comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

Having your air ducts cleaned is important because you do not know how the previous owner lived and how they took care of their home. Were they smokers? Did they have any pets? How often did they clean their air ducts ? These are questions that are hard to be answered, so to be on the safe side it is best to get your air duct cleaned and have a brand new filter put into your furnace.

The air ducts can be filled with pet hair, dust, building materials, mould, bacteria and fungal growth/ These contaminants are fed through your building every time the system operates. This can result in a dangerous fire hazard, poor indoor air quality, allergies, respiratory disorders, and sickness, therefore it is recommended to have your air ducts cleaned periodically.

By making the decision to have your air ducts properly cleaned, you can ensure you start off in your new home comfortable, clean and healthy.

Are you ready to ensure your air duct system is clean and efficient? Call Georgian Duct Cleaning your local, family- owned duct cleaning business for a free estimate today!

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