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Georgian Takes on Heavy Industrial Plant Cleaning

Georgian Duct is able to take on larger industrial cleaning projects through the use of our new Vecloader Vacuum!

Many industrial establishments are difficult to clean do to the presence of equipment and tight space. The Vecloader is perfect for cleaning out areas with limited space, and is useful in situations where mechanical alternatives are impractical.

The Vecloader does not have to be removed for emptying. Which means the Vecloader can stay on the job for longer, and requires less work to get the job done. We are also able to control the volume and location when emptying the Vecloader. Dump Trucks and Front end loaders when dumping often overflow the area with material. The Vecloader enables our operators to choose the right amount of contents to unload in the right location.

The Vecloader is versatile because it is great for accumulating / removing any type of material. With the capability of cleaning up fine materials like Carbon Black, and heavy blast media that can weight up to 200 lbs per square foot, and distances up to 1,200 feet.

Hazardous Material and Asbestos Removal is the perfect job for the Vecloader. The Vecloader reduces the exposure to hazardous material, is more safe and cost effective than physical labour. It also compresses material, lowering disposal cost.

Crawl Spaces are not an issue for our Vecloader. We can use it to get into hard to reach spaces to reach contaminated material, asbestos, and other assorted elements.

The Vecloader is helpful for cleaning materials left behind from abrasive blasting, and vapour blasting. It is able to clean up sand, steel grit, or any other blast media.

Vecloaders can also be utilized for “soft trenching”. In other words the Vecloader can remove surface material without damaging valuable substances underneath. The Vecloader can prevent damaging utility lines, or damaging storage tanks when uncovering them.

We are excited to introduce the Vecloader to our clients. The Vecloader will enable us to help companies with a wide variety of industrial cleaning operations. For more information on our Vecloader services Contact Us.

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