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Beware Of Facebook and other Social Media Scams

Everyday, it seems there is a new add on Facebook or other social media sites for a supposedly local company, offering a flat rate air duct cleaning, at a super low price. These ads use phrases such as "Watch my work not my words".  They typically appear to be a local person promoting their own duct cleaning service, They are not.  Simply click on the persons name and you will find that there is no facebook history, just a string of phony ads.

The ad will have pictures of equipment that has been "Hi-jacked" from anther website. If you hire these unscrupulous companies, they may or may not show up. If they do, they likely will have nothing more than a shopvac.  I suggest that you do not allow them into your home.


They will be there for a few minutes, claiming that they have done the job, or that there is mold or some other toxins in the system. Suddenly you are presented with a bill for hundreds or even thousands of dollars for work that didn't need to be done, or has not been done. Suddenly that low flat rate price, doesn't exist. These people become aggressive and rude demanding payment.  Do not fall victim to these dishonest business practices.

A reputable company will not promote their business using these misleading facebook ads or high pressure telemarketing scams. A reputable local company will have a proper website, local address, local phone number, trucks that proudly display the company name, technicians in uniform and someone that you can talk too with any questions or concerns. 


Transparency is how companies provide customers with the honesty and trust needed to move forward in a financial purchase, especially entering into ones home. In order to catch on to these scams, check out these red flags to be aware of.


Is it Local?

Professional neighbourhood duct cleaning services are established in a community through word of mouth, years in the business, properly licensed and branded vehicles, a company website and equipment are positive signs of a legitimate and quality business. However, if this information isn’t available it may be time to research more about the company before you purchase. Imaginary companies won’t get your ducts cleaned.

Are they using telemarketing?

Many reputable Canadian duct cleaning services exist, but once you experience an aggressive telemarketing sales call, it is time to hang-up. Check out CBC News for their Marketplace episode on duct cleaning scams in Canada, “When the Repairman Knocks” to learn more about how offshore call centres can be difficult to get rid of.

Are their “deals” too good to be true?

Everyone loves a discount, but no one likes to be scammed, especially with a service that comes into your home. Hearing deals like $99 dollars for duct cleaning, or that it would only take half an  hour to provide the service, are not deals. Certified and trained duct cleaners with the proper modern technology and experience will take 1 1/2 -2 hours for just basic services, and that cost will be more than the telemarketers “deal”, but the job will get done.

Unfortunately, we have little control over offshore telemarketing centres, but duct cleaning is not a scam when done correctly and professionally.

At Georgian Duct Cleaning we are a local, family owned company working in the industry for over 30 years, and have never used aggressive telemarketing to get our customers. Instead, when you are ready, you call us!


These companies are operating from off-shore locations (often with a poor command of the English language). 

They are offering low ball, whole house pricing, they can be aggressive and quite rude.  If you do agree to their service they then turn around and sell "the lead" to an un-named, non-traceable company.

Do not fall victim to these underhanded, fraudulent operators.​

We have reported this activity to the CRTC, unfortunately there is not much that they can do about this problem. The CRTC has imposed some fines and charges against these companies but enforcement is difficult due to their off-shore locations.

If you have any questions about this please call us at (705) 722-5952 or file a complaint with the CRTC.


We are a local, family owned duct cleaning business who care about doing the job right!

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