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Industrial Cleaning Services

Our Team of Industrial cleaning specialists can perform various cleaning operations around your plant.

Whether you require hi-level structural cleaning to remove dangerous amounts of dust and grease from the ceiling and rafters, or if you require cleaning to industrial machinery we have the equipment and expertise to handle many unique projects.

Accumulated dust and grease on the building and equipment is not only unsightly, it can also pose a significant fire and explosion hazard. Excessive dust and dirt should be removed periodically to restore the safety of your plant and to protect employees.

Georgian Duct Cleaning, through the use of specialized processes such as dry-ice blasting, soda- blasting, power washing or power vacuuming, can help to rid your plant of  dangerous pollutants, restore the original aesthetics and help to address occupational health and safety concerns.

Our employees are trained in all aspects of confined space entry, WHMIS, fall arrest, working at heights and boom lift operation.

Please call to discuss your unique industrial cleaning requirements.

•Air duct cleaning, Interior and exterior surfaces.•Air handling-unit cleaning.•Welding exhaust systems.•Fume Exhausts•Paint booths.•Dust collector cleaning and filter change out.•Silo and tank cleaning.•Hi Level building cleaning to rafters, ceilings, walls and equipment.•Dust Removal.•Equipment and machinery cleaning.

CALL TODAY for a free estimate. Our fully trained, certified technicians would be happy to provide any of our services in your home or commercial building.

Call Us for a free estimate

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HVAC Robotics for Commercial & Industrial Cleaning: State of the Art robotics used by Georgian Duct Cleaning in HVAC air vent cleaning.

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