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​Frequently Asked Questions..

1. Why do I need to clean my air ducts?

Because they get dirty. Dust accumulates inside your air ducts the same way as it can accumulate under a bed or couch. This dust is comprised of hair, flakes of skin, pet dander, lint, food debris, rodent droppings and construction debris. This dust can cause respiratory problems, trigger allergies and cause the system to be inefficient.

2. How do you clean the entire system?

A powerful vacuum is connected to the ductwork with an eight-inch vacuum hose. This puts the entire system under a negative pressure. High-pressure compressed air whips, brushes and nozzles are fed through all of the vents and ductwork.  These tools agitate inside the ducts. They brush and blast all the dirt and debris from every surface of the duct.  As it is loosened, the contaminants are removed by the vacuum system.

3. I have a “Shop Vac,” Can I clean the ducts myself?

You can certainly try. Some people have tried with a “Shop vac”. It is very difficult to push a shop or central vac hose right down into the heart of the system.  “Shop Vac” hoses don’t travel well around the many bends and elbows in the typical system. These hoses also get hung up on sheet metal screws and dampers. Some of our competitors actually try unsuccessfully to use this method. Some have even tried adding a “Rotary-Brush” to the end of the vacuum hose.  Again this method simply does not work.

4. How long does it take?

A thorough and proper duct cleaning takes about two hours, depending on the size of the house.

5. Will there be lots of dust in my house?

No, because we use a powerful vacuum system, the whole duct system is placed under negative pressure.  This ensures that the dust is not allowed to escape into the home.

6. How often should the ducts be cleaned?

We usually recommend that the ducts be cleaned every two or three years, when the house is new or if there have been any renovations. Many of our clients with allergies or respiratory problems prefer an annual cleaning.

7. How do I know you have cleaned the system properly?

Our technicians take pride in their work, they will gladly show you the before and after conditions. We can also send small video cameras through the system to show you the cleaning process.  Many of our cleaning projects come from referrals from satisfied customers.  Many of the areas leading furnace contractors recommend us, because they see our work and our pleased to pass our name along.

8. I have a cheaper quote from a competitor, why is it so cheap?

The saying “You get what you pay for” is especially true in the air duct cleaning business. Many of our competitors do not take their work seriously, they schedule as many as 10 cleanings per day, often spending only 20-30 minutes in a house.  We typically schedule three cleanings a day and spend on average two hours to make sure the system is thoroughly cleaned.  Also many of our competitors use telemarketing to solicit business. Georgian Duct Cleaning DOES NOT do any telemarketing!  Often, low initial quotes will end up costing you a lot more than you expect. Many of these companies will have hidden extra charges that can quickly add up to be very expensive. We will provide you with an estimate over the phone, and then confirm the price in writing before we start the cleaning.

9. Do all companies use the same equipment and methods?

No, there are several different systems available.  Many of our competitors do not have the proper equipment to thoroughly clean air ducts. They use modified carpet cleaning equipment or “shop vac” style systems with a Rotary brush on the end of the hose. It is very difficult to push a vacuum hose through air ducts, as it tends to get hung up on sheet metal screws and elbows. Furthermore, the opening at the end of these systems is about the size of a dime, so if they can even reach into the system, most debris will be left behind.  These rotating brush systems cannot remove, larger debris such as chunks of drywall, cigarette packages, coffee cups, pieces of harmful Fiberglas insulation, kids toys, food and dead rodents. Our powerful vacuum systems and the eight-inch hose, places the air ducts under negative pressure during the cleaning.  High-pressure compressed air, powers the air whips, brushes and other cleaning tools, to ensure all the dirt and debris is extracted from your air ducts.

10. My house is brand new, do I still need my ducts cleaned.?

Yes you may. Most new homes have construction debris inside the air ducts. This includes pieces of drywall, lumber, insulation, shavings, drywall dust, cigarettes and food debris such as sandwiches, pop cans and coffee cups. You wouldn’t want this debris on your new floors, and it should not be in your new air ducts.

11. Will duct cleaning reduce the dust in my house?

Yes in most homes.  The dust in your air ducts can circulate into the living space every time your furnace or air conditioner operates. We typically remove 20 pounds of dust from the air ducts of the average home.

12. How do the ducts get so dirty?

The dust and dirt inside the air ducts consists of construction debris, food, lint, hair and flakes of skin.  It accumulates inside the air ducts the same way dust accumulates behind the fridge or under a bed or couch. The cold air return ducts pull the dust into the duct system where the dust accumulates.

13. How long have you been in business?

Since 1991. Georgian Duct Cleaning is proud to have been owned and operated by the same family for over 30 years.

14. I am having a new furnace, when should the ducts be cleaned?

Your ducts should be cleaned before the new furnace is installed.  Todays new furnaces tend to move more air than the older systems.  If your ducts are dirty, then the new furnace can dislodge the dust and blow it around your home.  Also the actual installation of the furnace can disturb the dust inside the air ducts.  Many furnace manufacturers require professional air duct cleaning for their warranty.

15. Do you apply anything to the ducts?

Yes. We recommend an optional deodorizer be applied as part of the cleaning; it leaves the system clean and fresh.  However, this is strictly optional, if you do not want the deodorizer simply mention it to your technician.  The deodorizer has no long-term effects; it simply leaves the system smelling fresh. It dissipates in a few hours. To remove stubborn odours and moulds from the air ducts, we recommend “Benefect” which is a completely natural herbal sanitizer made from the Thyme plant.  “Benefect is the first and only ALL Botanical Disinfectant. It is suitable for use around children, pets and the chemically sensitive. The patented technology is a broad-spectrum hospital disinfectant made from plants. It's about thyme”!

16. Do you clean dryer vents?

Yes. Dryer exhaust ducts should be cleaned once a year to ensure that the clothes dry properly and the exhaust duct does not become a dangerous fire hazard.

17. What do I have to do to prepare?

Make sure there is access to all the vents and cold air returns, as we need to clean every one.  Also make sure there is a reasonable work area around the furnace. Oh, and put the coffee on, we might be there awhile.

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