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Residential Duct Cleaning

Do you suffer from allergies?

Do you sneeze when you are at home or work?

Do you have a lot of dust in your home?

Is your home new or has it had recent renovations?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from air duct cleaning in your home.

Your air ducts are home to dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, construction garbage, flakes of skin and hair.  These contaminants are released into the atmosphere of your home, causing indoor air pollution, and environmental sensitivity.  The air ducts require periodic cleaning to reduce these airbourne contaminants and to create a cleaner safer home for you and your family.

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Residential air ducts should be cleaned when the house is new, following renovations and then approximately every two or three years after that.  Modern construction may leave a large amount of drywall dust, insulation, shavings and various food debris, often left by construction workers.  The Technical Safety Standards Association  (TSSA) now requires that air ducts be cleaned following construction, especially if the furnace was used during construction.

In a new home the building debris leaves a film of dust on hardwood floors and all furniture.  This can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy and can cause your furnace to malfunction.  This dry dust, draws moisture from the air providing a perfect breeding ground and nutrient source for bacteria and microbial contamination.

In older homes, the dust accumulates to significant, measurable levels, often several inches deep.  The dust forms on all surfaces significantly reducing airflow through the system.  This causes the furnace and air conditioner to work harder and longer to bring the house to the desired temperature.  You may also notice that the furnace has become noisy… This may be caused by dust accumulating on the fan blades, throwing the fan out of balance.

The solution to dirty air ducts is a professional cleaning from Georgian Duct Cleaning.  The areas leading air duct cleaning company has been in business for over 27 years (since 1991), serving Simcoe, Muskoka, Haliburton, Grey/ Bruce, Dufferin and North York.  The fleet of custom-built vacuums is specially designed to clean your entire heating and ventilation systems.  The duct cleaning machines, among the most powerful in the industry, include truck-mounted vacuums and portable HEPA filtered vacuums.

The uniformed cleaning technicians, attach an eight-inch hose to your air ducts.  All vents are sealed and then compressed air powered agitation tools are fed through the ducts.  These tools operate on high pressure and high volume, as they travel through the ducts they brush and sweep all attached dust and debris.  The loosened dirt and contaminants are sucked out of the air ducts by the powerful vacuum system.  The owner of Georgian Duct Cleaning invented and refined many of the tools that are now found throughout the industry in North America.

The certified technicians are trained to the highest standards, and they will thoroughly clean your entire system from top to bottom.  Depending on the size of the house, a typical residential air duct cleaning will take about two hours to complete.  Upon completion an optional deodorizer is applied to remove any lingering odours.  Benefact, a herbal-based sanitizer is also available. Benefact is a Canadian made, all natural product that is extremely effective at removing harmful molds and bacteria from the air ducts – The lungs of your home.

Georgian Duct Cleaning is a family owned business that takes pride in the level of service that they offer. They can undertake air duct cleaning in all types of homes and commercial buildings, including mobile homes, bungalows, town houses, cottages, multi storey homes, hi-rise apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals and factories.

A typical residential cleaning usually takes about two hours.  In most cases a quote can be provided over the phone by simply counting the number of hot air vents and cold air returns. A firm written quotation can also be provided if required.  The technicians will confirm the price in writing before any work is started. Georgian Duct Cleaning also offers other services such as cleaning to dryer vents, laundromats, bathroom exhaust ducts, HRV units, and removal of blown insulation. Furthermore, the industrial technicians clean, welding and grinding exhaust systems, dust collectors, bag houses, paint booths,  high level structures and many other types of industrial equipment.

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Our team of fully trained, certified technicians would be happy to provide any of our services in your home or commercial building.

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