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Hotels, Resorts, Conference Centers

​Dirty air ducts in a hotel or resort can create a negative impression to your employees and paying guests. These complex HVAC systems require periodic cleaning and maintenance to remove the accumulated contaminants..

Georgian Duct Cleaning has the experience and equipment to thoroughly clean the (HVAC) and exhaust systems serving your building.  These systems are often quite large and complex. Often they serve multiple guest areas and multiple floors.

These complex mechanical systems require expert cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the contaminants are properly removed. Dirty air ducts contribute to guest complaints, poor indoor air quality, occupant discomfort, and employee absenteeism.

Our source removal methods can be used to clean the ducts serving the guest rooms, common areas, banquet rooms, pool, fitness areas, bathrooms and laundry facilities. We clean the air ducts to the highest industry standards.  We can perform a visual and robotic inspection of the interior conditions of your ductwork. We will review the HVAC blueprints (if available) and make recommendations on a suitable cleaning program for the affected area or the entire building if necessary.

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