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Beware Of Telemarketing Scams

Georgian Duct Cleaning does not do any Telemarketing!!!! 

We have had several customers phone us recently, informing us of unscrupulous companies pretending to be Georgian Duct Cleaning. Somehow their call display system is even set up to show our company name on your phone. 



These companies are operating from off-shore locations (often with a poor command of the English language). 

They are offering low ball, whole house pricing, they can be aggressive and quite rude.  If you do agree to their service they then turn around and sell "the lead" to an un-named, non-traceable company.

Do not fall victim to these underhanded, fraudulent operators.​

We have reported this activity to the CRTC, unfortunately there is not much that they can do about this problem. The CRTC has imposed some fines and charges against these companies but enforcement is difficult due to their off-shore locations.

If you have any questions about this please call us at (705) 722-5952 or file a complaint with the CRTC.


We are a local, family owned duct cleaning business who care about doing the job right!

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