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Learn About the Georgian Duct Cleaning Difference!

Your only choice for Source removal Air Duct Cleaning. Georgian Duct Cleaning uses the latest in custom built, truck mounted and portable duct cleaning technology to thoroughly clean your home and commercial heating and cooling air duct system.

Our uniformed, certified technicians attach the powerful vacuum via an 8-inch hose to your air ducts. Our vacuums pull between 7,500 -12,500 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The vacuum is connected to the duct work on each of the main duct plenums; this puts the entire system under vacuum. All registers and grills are sealed. Various agitation tools are fed through your ducts from each register and return grill. These high-pressure air tools and whips agitate inside the duct work. As they thrash around, they brush and air sweep all surfaces. The multiple tentacles dislodge all contaminants. As the contaminants are loosened they are pulled out of the air ducts by the powerful vacuum.

The main runs are cleaned using our exclusive Ventri Clean system. Re-useable access points are sealed with a sheet metal plate, airtight gasket and screws. The technicians also clean the furnace fan, fan housing and accessible areas of the air conditioning coils. An optional herbal-based sanitizer is fogged through the system to kill any lingering odours, molds or fungi.

A professional residential duct cleaning takes about two hours or more depending on the size of the house. Upon completion, a certificate of cleaning is applied to the duct-work. A tiny video camera can be placed inside the ducts so you and the technician can monitor the cleaning process.

The Georgian Duct Cleaning system is superior to our competitors. Many of our competitors use modified shop-vac style vacuums or rotary brush systems. In theory they are a good idea, but they simply don’t work. The operators of these inferior units attempt to feed the two-inch vacuum hose through your duct-work. It is extremely difficult to push these hoses past dampers and around the many elbows in a typical system. The results are disappointing at best.

Try pushing your own vacuum hose down through your floor registers, I am sure you won’t get very far. These inferior systems only pull about 200 cfm. They have a rotating brush attached to the end of a 2-inch vacuum hose. The tiny holes at the end of the hose are smaller than a dime. This means that any debris larger than a dime is simply left behind in your air ducts.

The debris left behind could be construction debris, drywall, wood, chunks of fiberglass insulation, cigarette packages, coffee cups, pop cans, food debris and dead rodents.

Some companies solicit your business with illegal telemarketing, often with offshore phone rooms. They offer you a ridiculously low price, explaining that they are in your area and they can clean your ducts for whatever today’s price is. If and when they show up, they are in your home for about 20 minutes, they do an inferior job and then present you with an inflated bill for several hundred dollars more than the “phone special”. They will have many excuses as to why it costs more.

Georgian Duct Cleaning DOES NOT DO ANY TELEMARKETING, our business is derived from referrals and in-bound calls, you call us when you are ready. We will provide you with an estimate over the phone. When our technicians arrive they will provide you with a written quote “before” we start any cleaning. You know exactly how much the cleaning is going to be, no surprises.

When you hire Georgian Duct Cleaning you can be assured that your air ducts are cleaned using industry standard “Source removal methods” by experienced, conscientious, certified technicians that take pride in their work.

GEORGIAN DUCT CLEANING - SIMPLY THE BEST THERE IS! Our team of fully trained, certified technicians would be happy to provide any of our services in your home or commercial building.

Georgian Duct Cleaning is a family owned business in Simcoe County with over 20 years experience working with residential, commercial and industrial HVAC ducts. Call us for a free quote or for more information. (705) 722-5952 Or 1-800-363-2563

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