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What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your Home and How can it be Improved?

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The air we breathe is directly linked to our health. In fact, the air we breathe has a direct impact on our life expectancy! What does this mean for your home?

The average person spends 90 percent of their time indoors, so identifying and eliminating toxins and contaminants in your home is an important step in improving your overall health.

What causes poor air quality in your home?

Not sure what potential contaminants are affecting your indoor air quality? Here are the top 10 contributors to poor indoor air quality:

  1. Asbestos

  2. Dust Mites

  3. Mold and Mold Spores

  4. Drywall Dust

  5. Chemicals

  6. Cigarette Smoke

  7. Animal Dander

  8. Bacteria and Viruses

  9. Formaldehyde

  10. Paints and Fumes

Our blog, '5 Warning signs That Your Home's Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned', will give you a good insight into the signs that your home might be in need of a professional air duct cleaning.

How professional air duct cleaning can help

If you’re experiencing symptoms of poor indoor air quality, such as dryness and irritation of the eyes, headaches, fatigues, shortness of breathe or sinus congestion, you should take some steps to make improvements.

Check out our blog, “How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality” for some ideas on small improvements you can make that will have a huge impact on your air quality.

Air duct cleaning is number one in our list of steps to improve indoor air quality. Air ducts can become clogged with contaminants including any of the items listed above! Every time your heater operates, these toxins are fed through your heating system and into the air you breathe. Regular cleaning of your air ducts will eliminate these contaminants and drastically improve your home’s air quality.

In order to eliminate the threat of mold, bacteria or viruses in your ducts, we can also use our Benefact Herbal Based Sanitizer. The sanitizer contains thyme oil, an effective germ-killing ingredients that is less toxic than vinegar. Benefact kills over 99.99% of bacteria and surpasses Health Canada’s efficacy requirements for a broad range of disinfectants.

Are you ready to drastically improve your home’s air quality? Contact us today for a free estimate for residential duct cleaning!

Georgian Duct Cleaning is a family owned business in Simcoe County with over 20 years experience working with residential, commercial and industrial HVAC ducts. Call us for a free quote or for more information. (705) 722-5952 Or 1-800-363-2563

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