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3 Reasons Why Your School Will Benefit from a Commercial Air Duct Cleaning During the Summer Break

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With your school or education instituion’s summer break in Ontario, Canada now in full swing, it’s likely that you will be taking a short break from cleaning.

While you are taking a well deserved rest, your school will be collecting dust, dirt and other bacteria that will be affecting the building’s air quality and making your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit less efficient.

Thankfully, before the children return back to school you will be undertaken a thorough cleaning of the building to get it back into top shape. However, there’s one thing that’s is incredibly important not to neglect - cleaning your air ducts.

Why is it important to clean your school’s air ducts?

Your duct system determines the overall flow and quality of the air within your school’s premises, and damaged or contaminated air ducts will lead to poor air quality and this will have a negative impact on your students and staff.

A good cleaning, however, will remove all of the dust, dirt and bacteria found within your duct system. This will lead to better air quality as well as happier and healthier students and staff members.

In fact, there are a number of benefits that your school will gain after an air duct cleaning. Georgian Duct Cleaning has listed the three key benefits here:

1 - Get off to a good start

Getting off to a good start is important for your student’s education and this is important for both your students and your members of staff. By removing the dust, mildew and other particles that affect breathing from your air ducts you’ll remove any distractions and help everyone to focus on their work.

Ensuring you have clean air in your classrooms and other facilities will help everyone to get off to a positive start.

2 - Save money on those monthly energy bills

One of the biggest myths when it comes to schools is that energy isn’t a major budget item for school districts. In fact, energy costs are second only to salaries when it comes to a school’s expenditure.

By cleaning your ducts your school will ensure that its HVAC unit and furnace is working to its optimum efficiency. The result will be cheaper monthly energy bills that you can put back into improving your student’s education.

3 - Remove allergies for the fall season

By the time your students and staff get back to school it will pretty much be fall - the worst time of the year (along with spring) for allergy sufferers. Poor air quality will exacerbate the symptoms for those who suffer from allergies.

Thankfully, air duct cleaning will remove the airborne particulates that worsen allergy issues. This means your staff and students will be able to concentrate on what matters - teaching and studying.

How can Georgian Duct Cleaning help?

Through extensive experience, our commercial duct cleaning services - which have been employed in schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants, fitness centres, sports venues, daycare centres and many more - are able to thoroughly clean your school’s HVAC system.

No matter how large and complex your school’s duct system is, our expert cleaning and maintenance methods will make sure all contaminants are properly removed so you can ensure your building has high-quality air for health students and staff.

Want to learn more about the importance of cleaning your school or educational facility’s ducts, or simply want to book an inspection with Georgian Duct Cleaning? Contact our team of industry experts today.

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