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Is Clothes Dryer Lint a Fire Hazard?

Residential clothes dryer

Dryers are an important appliance in our homes, and almost every person living in Ontario will own one. Surprisingly though, fires caused by clothes dryers are a common occurrence across Canada and the US.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 15,500 fires are caused by clothes dryers every year in the US totalling millions of dollars in property damage.

The leading factor contributing to the ignition of home fires involving clothes dryers was a failure to clean them, accounting for one-third (33 percent) of dryer fires. That’s why residential clothes dryer cleaning is crucial for the safety of your home.

Why is clothes dryer cleaning so important?

Over time, lint, hair and dust will build up in the lint trap of your residential clothes dryer, as well as inside the appliance’s vent and ductwork.

This can create a number of issues for your clothes dryer, such as reducing the airflow to your clothes dryer, reduces drying efficiency (costing you more on your utility bills) and causing humidity levels to rise in your vents which will encourage the growth of mildew and mould.

Most importantly, however, lint is combustible. Lint will block the vent in your clothes dryer, restricting airflow. If this lint is not cleaned it can cause a serious fire hazard at your property and potentially put your family in danger.

How can you get remove lint from your residential dryer?

To reduce the fire hazard, dryer manufacturers recommend the regular inspection and cleaning of your dryer vent. Depending on how often you use the appliance, your dryer should be cleaned a minimum of once a year - or more often with heavy use.

A clean clothes dryer will not only protect your family from fire hazards, it will also help you save money on your monthly utility bills, improve the efficiency of your dryer and increase its lifespan.

This process, however, isn’t as simple as it sounds. It requires expert knowledge and specialized skills to complete successfully. That’s why it’s important that you reach out to a professional duct cleaning company, such as Georgian Duct Cleaning.

How can Georgian Duct help?

To clean your residential clothes dryer, Georgian Duct Cleaning uses a powerful HEPA filtered “Lintvac”, which attaches to the dryer exhaust duct. By blasting compressed air that rotates inside the dryer vent, lint is broken up, loosened and then vacuumed out of the vent.

To finish the cleaning, dust is removed from behind the dryer, the dryer duct is re-attached and the dryer is returned to its original position in your home.

Are you looking to get a professional clothes dryer cleaning? Contact our team of fully-trained, certified technicians today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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