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Ontario Duct Cleaning Buyers Beware!

There are some great duct cleaning and furnace servicing companies out there in Ontario - and there are some that should be closed down.

The good duct cleaning companies are run with integrity, transparency and are motivated to help people by offering the best customer experience, great service and products with absolute professionalism.

Unfortunately the duct cleaning side of our HVAC industry is unregulated and as a result there are many companies out there who are not in the business to offer a service with integrity and honesty.

They are motivated only by money. So you have to watch out for them. I'm giving you this advice because I don't want you to fall for the scam. As we often get the phone call afterwards from the homeowner afterwards to tidy up the mess. They always say they wished they would have called us in the first place, and if they did, our quote, which can be a little higher but it's honest and we have a local guarantee for our customers.

Watch out for the scams - Here are some typical examples you can spot with these companies:

  • They do aggressive telemarketing, often from overseas

  • Advertising duct cleaning for the whole house for $99 dollars - often this is impossible

  • Advertising duct cleaning for $39.95 plus $7.95 per vent - not good

  • They use mail coupons and Groupons and do not seem to be present on the internet - they have to have a good website - don't you think!?

  • They do not have a truck marked with a company name, and maybe they don't have any official name that can be scene and viewed

  • They have a negative air machine and do not use compressed air or brushes to clean you vents

  • They shove a vacuum hose down your heating vents and thats all they do

  • They claim that duct cleaning takes under 1 hour to complete

  • Telemarketers calling your home randomly to offer you they’re unbelievable deals on duct cleaning - often saying their truck is in your area and they will give you a special price

There are a number of other obvious and not so obvious scams and such going around ... So here are some key questions to ask when looking to hire a duct cleaning company.

  1. Do they use compressed air or brushes to agitate the dust in you ducts?

  2. Do they have a negative air machine either portable or truck mounted to recover the dust and debris from your ducts?

  3. Are they local?

  4. How long does the cleaning take? On a home of 2500 Sq Ft and under it should take no less then 2 1/2 hrs and that is for a very basic and efficient duct cleaning

Checkout our Website at we use all the proper methods and equipment and we have videos from the manufacturer of our equipment that give you complete transparency of our methods and equipment so we can clean your homes heating and or cooling ducts.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions about proper duct cleaning methods, equipment and pricing. Call us at 705-722-5952 for a FREE QUOTE.

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