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Is it Spring Yet? Plan A Deep Clean Of Your Home Including the Air Ducts

We’ve been enjoying some amazing warm temperatures in February and the way the snow if fast disappearing, our thoughts are turning to spring.

Homeowners can’t wait to open the windows and give their homes a good airing out. Spring is also a great time to do a deep dive in cleaning and freshen everything up.

Here are some cleaning activities that you’ll want to add to your spring cleaning plan. Why plan ahead? If you make yourself a checklist of the long put off tasks, like cleaning behind your fridge, you can tackle the spring cleaning over several weeks and you’ll be more motivated to check items off your list.

Spring Cleaning “Deep Clean” List

1. Start with the top and work down to the floors! Using an extension pole and a soft cloth, clean cobwebs out of ceiling corners. Also clean the tops of window and door frames with a cleaning solution to remove the build-up of dust. Check your bathroom ceiling vents and clean if needed.

2. Windows. Do you have your windows professionally cleaned? If so, make an appointment now so you can have it done at your convenience in the spring. Otherwise, pick a nice day and tackle the task with some friends.

3. Air Ducts. This one is easy! We do it for you. Give us a call at (705) 722-5952 and we’ll make an appointment for you this spring. Cleaning your air ducts will remove built up dirt, pet-hair, dust, and debris from your vents. We also offer sanitizers that really freshen the circulating air.

4. Appliances. Before you get to the floors, pull out the fridge and stove to do an annual clean. You’d be surprised at how much dust can build-up back there. If you’ve got a self-cleaning oven, now's the time to run it through a cycle.

5. Once you’ve done that, giving your floor a clean with appropriate cleaning compounds will freshen your home and reflect the light coming in your clean windows!

We’re residential and commercial duct cleaning specialists! We’ve been in business for decades and we’re a locally family owned company. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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