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Duct Cleaning Scam: Know Who To Trust

Local Professional Duct Cleaning

Everyday, Canadians are exposed to offshore call centres aggressively telemarketing the service; usually a service that isn’t real or completely inefficient. If you have had a bad experience before, you may know the red flags, and with these quick tips, you can say “no” to scammers.

Transparency is how companies provide customers with the honesty and trust needed to move forward in a financial purchase, especially entering into ones home. In order to catch on to these scams, check out these red flags to be aware of.

Is it Local?

Friendly neighbourhood duct cleaning services are established in a community through word of mouth, years in the business, properly licensed and branded vehicles, a company website and equipment are positive signs of a legitimate and quality business. However, if this information isn’t available it may be time to research more about the company before you purchase. Imaginary companies won’t get your ducts cleaned.

Are they using telemarketing?

Many reputable Canadian duct cleaning services exist, but once you experience an aggressive outbound sales call, it is time to hang-up. Check out CBC News for their Marketplace episode on duct cleaning scams in Canada, “When the Repairman Knocks” to learn more about how offshore call centres can be difficult to get rid of.

Are their “deals” too good to be true?

Everyone loves a discount, but no one likes to be scammed, especially with a service that comes into your home. Hearing deals like $99 dollars for duct cleaning, or that it would only take an hour to provide the service, are not deals. Certified and trained duct cleaners with the proper modern technology and experience will take 2 ½ hours for just basic services, and that cost will be more than the telemarketers “deal”, but the job will get done.

Unfortunately, we have little control over offshore telemarketing centres, but duct cleaning is not a scam when done correctly and professionally.

At Georgian Duct Cleaning we are a local, family owned company working in the industry for over 20 years, and have never used aggressive telemarketing to get our customers. Instead, when you are ready, you call us!

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