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Fall is a Good Time to Clean Your Home's Air Ducts

As much as we want to savour the warm days of August, there are signs that the season is starting to change. It's getting darker earlier and in the morning the gardens are heavy with dew. If you look around at the maple trees you might notice the start of fall colours on some of the branches.

In a month or so we'll need to turn on our furnace and we'll be circulating air through the duct systems in our homes.

This is an optimum time to have your home's air ducts cleaned.

Residential air ducts should be cleaned when the house is new, following renovations and then approximately every two or three years after that, although many people elect to have them cleaned every year.

Modern construction may leave a large amount of drywall dust, insulation, shavings and various food debris, often left by construction workers. The Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) now requires that air ducts be cleaned following construction, especially if the furnace was used during construction. ​

In a new home the building debris leaves a film of dust on hardwood floors and all furniture. This can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy and can cause your furnace to malfunction. This dry dust, draws moisture from the air providing a perfect breeding ground and nutrient source for bacteria and microbial contamination. In older homes, the dust accumulates to significant, measurable levels, often several inches deep. The dust forms on all surfaces significantly reducing airflow through the system.

The solution to dirty air ducts is a professional cleaning from Georgian Duct Cleaning. The areas leading air duct cleaning company has been in business for over 22 years (since 1991), serving Simcoe, Muskoka, Haliburton, Grey/ Bruce, Dufferin and North York. The fleet of custom-built vacuums is specially designed to clean your entire heating and ventilation systems. The duct cleaning machines among the most powerful in the industry, include truck-mounted vacuums and portable HEPA filtered vacuums.

This fall, while you're tidying up the garden, think about your inside environment and getting it prepared for the winter. Once the temperatures drop and getting fresh air into the house is not a matter of opening windows, you'll feel good knowing that the circulating air in your home is moving through a clean duct and vent system.

Georgian Duct Cleaning is a family owned business in Simcoe County with over 20 years experience working with residential, commercial and industrial HVAC ducts. Call us for a free quote or for more information. (705) 722-5952 Or 1-800-363-2563

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