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Home Buyer With Allergies? Consider Duct Cleaning!

happy home buyers with allergies finding their dream home free of air contaminants

Home Buyer With Allergies?

It’s common to notice as Spring begins that allergies are coming back, and for home buyers it can make or break a sale. Previous owners may have had pets, or bad cleaning habits that could affect the air quality in the home. Spring cleaning isn’t done for real estate agents until the house is completely clear of contaminants.

Here are tips to ease your buyers allergies when buying a home, and they’re nothing to sneeze at!

Stress Levels Contribute to Allergies

Histamine, the hormone that is released that causes all of those nasty allergy symptoms, can become worse with stress. "Stress can make the allergic response worse. We don't know why exactly, but we think stress hormones can ramp up the already exaggerated immune system response to allergens," explains Dr. Sedaghat in an article by Harvard University. It’s important to alleviate the stress of your buyer, especially during a huge life decision as buying a home.

Boldly Go Where No Mold Has Gone Before

Mold allergy can be difficult to detect as the symptoms resemble any allergic response. A study my Mold and Bacteria Consulting Laboratories, “both dead and viable spores may lead to allergic reactions. That’s killing mold with chemicals without removing it is not recommended”. A specific symptom that is more prominent in a mold allergy is itchy, red eyes. There are many cleaners on the market to remove mold, usually a bleach based product. Window sills, bathrooms, and kitchens will be the main areas to check, but be sure to keep an eye out for other places where moisture builds.

When All Else Fails, Go To The Source of the Problem

When your checklist for your home cleaning is finished and your buyer’s asthma spikes up,

it’s time to consider duct cleaning. In the nooks and crannies where all the fresh air is supposed to flow through are filled with dust and debris, it’s important to call professionals to clean it. People with sensitivities and even asthma can react to duct cleaning that is not done professionally with the right tools. Be sure to look for the best technology for proper duct cleaning are used such as the Ventri Clean system.

It’s important to listen to your home buyers needs especially as the Spring season is falling upon us.

Need a duct cleaning service before your next showing?

Go with Georgian Duct Cleaning, we are a family owned and operated service that has been in business of clean for over 27 years! We provide services to Simcoe County, Muskoka, Haliburton, Dufferin, North York, Grey and Bruce. We give you fast, easy, and thorough duct cleaning to get dream homes on the market. Call us at (705) 722-5952 for a free quote, or fill out our form here so you can start selling homes that are Spring ready!

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