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Protect Your Home and Family From Dryer Fires with LintAlert

How would you rate your dryer’s performance? Dryers that feel hot to the touch or take more than one cycle to dry a load indicate a serious problem. Poor dryer performance indicates dryer lint build-up, and since lint is highly flammable, this build-up can increase your risk of fire. Lint build-up can lead to fire as it causes a blockage in the dryer exhaust system, restricting airflow and causing the dryer to overheat. In addition to annual dryer vent cleaning and recognizing signs of poor dryer performance, your can install a dryer monitoring system to help reduce your risk. LintAlert® is a dryer monitoring system that constantly monitors airflow and shows the exact pressure in the exhaust system. It allows you to save energy while ensuring that your dryer is operating safely.
How does LintAlert work?
Air Pressure Sensor
LintAlert® accumulates information through a highly discriminating digital pressure sensor. It detects small changes in the water column inch (WCI) pressure by sampling minute amounts of airflow, which the small volume of air is sampled. There is no impact to the air pressure in the duct.
Onboard Computer
Air pressure samples are taken to be analyzed by a programmable integrated circuit. The onboard computer evaluates data to show whether the dryer is on and how much the exhaust system is performing.
LED Indicators
The changes are show through LED indicator lights. This is where the green indicators turns to yellow, and then to red as pressure becomes a problem. Once you see two or three green indicator lights, this means it’s a good time to clean the dryer and ducts system to stay energy efficient and safe. If the vent system is NOT cleaned at this point then the yellow and red indicator lights will illuminate. Once the pressure becomes dangerous, all LED lights will flash and an audio alarm will sound
We strongly recommend the use of the LintAlert monitoring system with annual dryer vent cleaning to reduce your risk of a dryer fire. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a dryer vent cleaning!
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