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The dangers of dryer fires and what causes them?

It's the weekend, the time to relax! It’s also time to start the weekly chores such as doing the laundry. Washers and dryers are one of the workhorse appliances in your home. Our dryers can be our best friend but could be our worst nightmare.

Over time, dryer vents become clogged with lint, hair and dust, and they have to be cleaned regularly. A clogged dryer vent can also increase the drying time for every load of laundry done. At the end of the cycle, the clothes may still be damp and if you don’t remove them and they sit for a few days, you’ll need to wash them over again to remove the odour. Your laundry may take multiple cycles to thoroughly dry your clothes, and that will your increase your electric bill, and no one wants to pay more than they should. When your dryer isn’t drying properly you should check the dryer vent for blockage. Another sign of a problem is when the dryer feels hot to the touch. It could mean that the vent is clogged and the heat is not escaping and the cool air is not coming in. When heat builds up, it could start a fire.

If the dryer is blocked and airflow is restricted, it may cause a serious fire hazard. The main causes of a dryer fire are clogged dryer vents. Dryer fires account for loss of life and millions of dollars in property damage.

Dryer fires can be avoided. To reduce the risk, we recommend a regular inspection and cleaning to the dryer vents inside your home. It should be cleaned at least once a year or more if you use it more regularly.

Our team of fully trained, certified technicians would be happy to provide any of our services in your home or commercial building. We recommend the use of the LintAlert monitoring system with annual dryer vent cleaning to reduce your risk of a dryer fire.

Georgian Duct Cleaning - Professional, Fast and Friendly service! Contact today for more information or to schedule a dryer vent cleaning!

Georgian Duct Cleaning is a family owned business in Simcoe County with over 20 years experience working with residential, commercial and industrial HVAC ducts. Call us for a free quote or for more information. (705) 722-5952 or 1-800-363-2563

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