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Industrial Cleaning Services

Georgian Duct Cleaning has the expertise, experience and equipment to thoroughly clean large industrial dust collectors, ducts and bag house systems, and other surfaces that need cleaning.

Plant engineers know that plugged filters and intake ducts can lead to poor performance of equipment and create unpleasant dusty work environments.This can result in maintenance issues on equipment, employee complaints and even a dangerous fires or explosion hazards.

We know how to best clean dust collectors and have the high performance equipment to do so. Our technicians are trained in confined space entry, elevated work platforms, fall arrest and respiratory protection to ensure that your system is safely cleaned and restored to peak operating condition.

The cleaning process can include the entire system, the intake hoods, ducts, fan, fan housing, cyclonic separator, bag house, primary and secondary filters and the discharge ducts. We can also remove and reinstall new or clean filters and filter socks. This service work can be performed during plant shutdowns, preventative maintenance days or at other times suitable to your plant. Emergency clean-outs can also be accommodated.

​Some of the dust collector systems that we have cleaned include:

Molsons Breweries

Dupont Canada

Pillsbury foods

Ogilvie Mills

Franke Kindred

Orillia Woodworking

Alcoa Wheels

Simcoe Muskoka District Catholic School Board

Georgian College

Munroe Shocks

Kaufman Furniture

Our technicians can perform various cleaning operations around your plant, for example, hi-level structural cleaning to remove dangerous amounts of dust and grease from the ceiling and rafters or general industrial machinery cleaning. Our employees are trained in all aspects of confined space entry, WHMIS, fall arrest and boom lift operation.

Accumulated dust and grease on the building and equipment is not only unsightly, it can also pose a significant fire and explosion hazard. Excessive dust and dirt should be removed periodically to restore the safety of your plant and to protect employees.

Georgian Duct Cleaning, through the use of specialized processes such as dry-ice blasting, soda- blasting, power washing or power vacuuming, can help to rid your plant of dangerous pollutants, restore the original aesthetics and help to address occupational health and safety concerns.

Please call to discuss your unique industrial cleaning requirements.

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