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Why You Should Clean Your Ducts Before Your Buy or Sell a Home

Spring is a popular time for the real estate market. Gardens start to bloom, the weather puts people in a good mood and everyone is trying to make their big change before the summer holidays arrive!

If you are one of the many either looking to buy or sell a home, an important consideration is whether or not your house is ready – ready to present to potential buyers and/or ready to move into.

We dust, we vacuum and maybe we even wash down the walls but an area that is often overlooked is the ducts.

Over the winter, your home was probably sealed tight, and while this is a great way to keep the heat in, it also means that your home likely suffered from poor circulation and a reduction in air quality.

With pets staying inside more often, visitors coming in and out of your home over the holidays, and moisture finding it harder to escape - these all contribute to bad air quality.

If you are selling your home, you have probably already taken advantage of the nice weather by opening windows and letting the fresh air in. The fresher your home, the more appealing it will be to buyers. But while open the windows will help make your home less stuffy, it does little to get the contaminants out of your air ducts which have been collecting, dander, skin cells, fur and other debris over the winter months.

Cleaning your ducts will:

  • Remove accumulated dust

  • Remove debris and cobwebs

  • Increase the efficiency of your system

  • Remove contaminates following construction or renovation

  • Reduce odours caused by pet smell or pet hair

  • Allow you to identify and remove any animal infestations

But the biggest and most important benefit is a dramatic improvement in indoor air quality that will make your home more appealing, the moment potential buyers enter.

If you are on the other end of the sale and have recently purchased, or are planning on buying a home, you will also want to consider a duct cleaning.

Maybe the previous owner had pets or maybe they smoked? Maybe there is just years of dust and debris build up?

No matter the reason, if the air ducts have not been cleaned recently, they should.

Ultimately, by making the decision to have your air ducts properly cleaned, you can improve your potential buyers’ first impressions, as well as ensure you start off in your new home comfortable, clean and healthy.

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