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Dryer Fire Prevention

Prevent Dryer Fire

Over regular use of your dryer over a long period of time, your dryer vent will gradually become blocked with dust, lint and other debris.

With the airflow becoming restricted by the debris, the blockage can pose as a huge fire hazard. This preventable hazard though sadly is the cause of millions of dollars worth of property damage every year and even fatalities. With the numerous locations within a dryer system that can be blocked by this debris, upholding a regular cleaning is key to not only reducing your overall energy costs of your dryer, but to eliminate all the associated fire risks. Relying on the lint trap isn’t enough because it only traps a fraction of the lint, dust and hair that passes through your dryer, the rest of the debris ends up getting caught.

Blocked dryer vents also restrict airflow and increase the overall drying time it takes for your clothes. Which can lead to numerous drying cycles and increased energy costs. The longer or more kinks and bends that your dryer vent has, the increased potential for buildup and hazard. All dryer vents must also be made from metal or a more durable manufacturer or safety approved material, plastic and foil ducts are not the right choice. Check your manufacturer’s installation instruction and ask about local safety standards.

With Georgian Duct Cleaning’s process of cleaning dryer vents, we ensure the most thorough clean and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our powerful HEPA filtered “Lintvac” along with a compressed air powered air-brush, that is fed through the dryer exhaust, releases compressed air within the vent, breaking down the lint. As the lint is loosened up from the vent, the vacuum removes the debris.

Georgian Duct Cleaning also offers a “LintAlert” install to monitor your dryer vent for any future clogging in your dryer vents. With every load LintAlert checks the exhaust vent and indicates a temperature change so you can take action to inspect the duct.

Our team of fully trained, certified technicians would be happy to provide any of our services in your home or commercial building.

For more information contact Georgian Duct Cleaning today at (705) 722-5952 or 1-800-363-2563 and receive a free quote today!!

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