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Hotel Guest Reviews From “Stuffy” to “Satisfaction”

Hotel Guest Reviews from " stuffy" to " satisfaction"

When you enter a hotel, the getaway finally begins. As a guest, you want a welcome atmosphere with luxury amenities. From swimming in the pool, attending a business meeting, or simply sleeping in your hotel room, air quality is a must for guest satisfaction.

According to a report by the University of Rochester, stale air can cause various health problems, linked to chronic respiratory issues, asthma and allergies (University of Rochester). Here are some tips on how to keep guests happy,healthy, and well rested.

Keep Air Quality Appliances Working

No one wants guests visits ruined by a broken air conditioner or lack of sufficient venting in the bathroom. Ensuring guests have flowing, fresh air is crucial. Even consider additions to rooms such as humidifiers on request to improve air quality.

Hotels are starting to lean towards hypoallergenic rooms with feather free duvets and eco friendly cleaning products, which contributes to fresher air.

From Outside to Inside, It Has To Flow

Pollutants are not just outside, they are inside too, and proper ventilation will remove these toxins. Keeping a clean air duct system will allow the air from outside to circulate as needed to lower pollutants.

If it doesn’t flow, it doesn’t impress, as mildew, stale smells and dry air can ruin a guests sleep, guests can ruin a hotels reputation. Although many ventilation ducts are built correctly and have access points outside, due to dust build up, it may not even be bringing fresh air inside.

It Goes Beyond The Guest

Employees need to be given a safe work environment to thrive in. Hot hallways for housekeepers and freezing offices for accounting create a negative environment, and contribute to employee absenteeism and high turnover.

For employees who work daily and yearly in the hotel, it is important that the ventilation is kept up to par, and doesn’t create chronic problems for employees.

Laundry Facilities Must Be Safe For Everyone's Use

Whether there is a self-serve laundry facility, or the industrial dryers for housekeeping, the dangers of dryer fires are a real threat. Keep track of when cleanings for the vents happen to ensure the safety of everyone in the hotel.

Dryer fires can be disastrous and deadly, clean vents solve this threat and invest in the well being of the hotel.

Easier To Breath With Fresh Air and Great Reviews

Hotels are a home away from home, and it’s where memories are made, from hockey tournaments to weddings. Make is easy to breath for guess, take the stress away from them, but also keep the fresh air flowing. Guest satisfaction can rely on the smallest of details, and with the instant nature of the internet, it’s important each detail is taken into consideration.

Are you wondering about the freshness of your hotels air quality?

We have been in the business of fresh air since 1991, and we believe providing clean, sanitized air ducts to our customers helps your guests enjoy their stay. Serving central Ontario, at Georgian Duct Cleaning we are a family owned, certified and professional service, always in uniform. Call us toll free at 1-800-363-2563 for a free estimate, or to find out more information about our services.

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