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Industrial Dust Collector Systems: Are You Keeping Yours Clean?

Industrial dust collector system

Factories, large commercial facilities, and even breweries use an industrial dust collection system to ensure high air quality for employees and safety codes are met.

It is best to keep documentation of each cleaning and when filters are replaced, however there are a few signs to tell if your dust collector needs cleaning. As dust accumulates in the system, it is important to notice early signs of blockage such as:

  • Dust accumulation in the facility.

  • Employee complaints.

  • Lower productivity.

It is the law to have proper air quality in a commercial facility, and it’s important to listen to employees who are having sensitivities such as allergies. If you, or employees, are noticing an increase in allergies or asthma in the facility, it is best to get a professional inspection.

At Georgian Duct Cleaning, we provide a free estimate for your industrial dust collector cleaning, along with professional and experienced services, to ensure your employees are safe.

If during an inspection, a cleaning is recommended, you can expect that the cleaning can include the:

  • Entire system.

  • Intake hoods.

  • Ducts.

  • Fan.

  • Fan housing.

  • Cyclonic separator.

  • Bag house.

  • Primary and secondary filters.

  • Discharge ducts.

If filters need to be replaced in the dust collector, you will need to research the cleaning company you have hired to make sure they have the expertise to replace the filters. At Georgian Duct Cleaning we have experience in the removal and reinstallation of new or clean filters and filter socks.

Quick Tip: Having a company work with your facilities’ opening and closing hours is important to maintain productivity. We provide service work that can be performed during plant shutdowns, preventative maintenance days or at other times suitable to your plant. Emergency clean-outs can also be accommodated by us.

Be sure to create a safe and healthy work environment for your workers with a professional cleaning of your plants industrial dust collector. As a family owned, local company, Georgian Duct Cleaning has been serving the Central Ontario industrial sector since 1991.

We’ve helped well known brand such as Molsons Breweries, Dupont Canada and Pillsbury foods maintain their high standards of air quality. Learn more about our industrial dust collector cleaning services here!

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