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Top 5 Ways to Eliminate Dust in Your home

A hoover in a house

Finding dust in your home can be annoying, especially when it seems like no matter how much you clean it just keeps on coming back time and time again.

Dust is even more infuriating if there is somebody in your house that suffers from allergies or asthma. The dust in your home is made up various particles including dead skin cells, fibers from clothing and paper and plant pollen - if left to accumulate it can have a significant impact on the life of someone who suffers from allergies or asthma.

It’s not possible to completely rid your home from dust, but you can take some pretty simple measures to almost eliminate the dust in your home. Georgian Duct Cleaning has listed the top five measures here:

1 - Swap carpets for wooden floors

Aside from your glass items, the floors in your house are one of the most common places for dust to accumulate. On top of that, carpeted floors act as a magnet for dust and are generally high maintenance when it comes to cleaning. If you have carpeted floors then to get rid of dust you must vacuum daily, especially if any members of your family suffer from severe allergies.

If allergies are a particular problem, or you simply don’t want to vacuum every single day, then it might be best to stick to hard floors such as wood, vinyl or tile.

2 - Swap dry dusting for west dusting

Like most people in the world, you probably use a feather duster (or something similar) to dust your home. However, did you know that dry dusting techniques actually just aggravate existing dust and causes it to settle elsewhere in your home?

Instead, try a wet dusting technique. Use a damp cloth to wipe down surfaces and then wash the dust down your sink or throw it into the garbage. This will stop dust simply moving around your house as it’s wiped.

3 - Take your shoes off at the door

There’s a large number of pollutants in the great outdoors, and once they are brought into our homes they generally stay there. If you keep your shoes on in your house then it’s likely that you are bringing in a large quantity of dust and other dirt.

By simply taking your shoes off at the front door, you’ll prevent that dust and dirt from being dragged around your house.

4 - Change your bedding regularly

It’s very common for dust to settle in our bed sheets, settling in the gaps between our sheets, pillows and mattresses. By just washing your bed sheets once a week, you will ensure dust doesn’t build up on your bed.

5 - Schedule regular air duct cleaning

Want to know the most effective way to eliminate dust in your home? Schedule regular air duct cleanings for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

A dusty home could be the sign of dirty air ducts. Over time buildup within your air ducts will be caused through a variety of sources such as bacteria, mould, blockages from objects or dust.

It’s important that your air ducts are cleaned regularly in order to keep the air in your household clean and to ensure your HVAC system is working efficiently.

A professional air duct cleaning will not only eliminate dust from your home, it will also make your HVAC unit cheaper to run and will prevent the unit from being damaged by debris and dust that has been collected by the unit over time. It’s a win-win!

Want to learn more about air duct cleaning and how it can reduce the dust in your home? Contact Georgian Duct cleaning today.

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